The third chapter of Mastering Spring MVC 4 is about the cornerstone of web application: forms. Oh boy, what a chapter.

In this epic piece of literature, we will create a complete profile form like this one:

A beautiful profile form

We will discuss forms, validation, conversion and formatting.

See the birth date field up there? That’s a java.time.LocalDate. Do you wonder how to make it work with Spring MVC?

Our application will be available in different languages and it will be easy to switch between them.

We will also be looking at a simple way to validate the form on the client side thanks to the available HTML 5 specification.

That’s not all, you might have noticed that we ask the user to fill out a list of tastes, things that interest him. That’s because we will allow searches on multiple keywords with matrix variables.

Sounds good? I hope it does and can’t wait for the moment when you will be able to get your hands on the book!