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Writing a book on Spring MVC 4

I'm writing a book on Spring MVC 4 called 'Mastering Spring MVC 4' for Packt Publishing

Good news everyone!

After reviewing the awesome Learning Spring Boot by Greg Lee Turnquist, Packt Publishing asked me to write a book of my own on Spring MVC 4.

Of course I said! I just signed the contract and I’m getting ready for five months of intense writing with a publishing date somewhere around the last quarter of 2015.

I’m glad to seize this opportunity to answer the questions you guys have been asking me after the publication of my article on spring MVC last year.

Here is a peek of the topics I will cover in the book:

Master Spring MVC 4

  1. Setting up a Spring web application in no time
  2. Mastering the MVC Architecture
  3. Handling forms and complex URL mapping
  4. Crafting a RESTful application
  5. Leaving nothing to luck: Unit tests and Acceptance Tests
  6. Securing your application
  7. Optimizing your requests
  8. Deploying to the cloud
  9. Beyond Spring Web

I hope that you like the outline and that the book will help you achieve ultimate mastery of Spring MVC!

I created a section on the blog where you can follow my progress.

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