Good news everyone!

After reviewing the awesome Learning Spring Boot by Greg Lee Turnquist, Packt Publishing asked me to write a book of my own on Spring MVC 4.

Of course I said! I just signed the contract and I’m getting ready for five months of intense writing with a publishing date somewhere around the last quarter of 2015.

I’m glad to seize this opportunity to answer the questions you guys have been asking me after the publication of [my article on spring MVC]({% post_url 2013-01-23-complete-example-of-a-spring-mvc-3-2-project %}) last year.

Here is a peek of the topics I will cover in the book:

Master Spring MVC 4

  1. Setting up a Spring web application in no time
  2. Mastering the MVC Architecture
  3. Handling forms and complex URL mapping
  4. Crafting a RESTful application
  5. Leaving nothing to luck: Unit tests and Acceptance Tests
  6. Securing your application
  7. Optimizing your requests
  8. Deploying to the cloud
  9. Beyond Spring Web

I hope that you like the outline and that the book will help you achieve ultimate mastery of Spring MVC!

I created a section on the blog where you can follow my progress.