This is a compilation of resources I use to configure eclipse.

The Jvm options

Always a big headache, there is a good resource on stack-overflow.

For JVM noobs, I recommend the following reading.

If you are a JVM tuning maniac, you might also like this post and to read the man.

If you’re interested, I am maintaining a gist with my up-to-date eclipse flags :

Must-have plugins

If you don’t know them already, you should check out these plugins :

  • EasyShell, which allows to open windows, terminal and copy path on any eclipse resource (and configure shortcuts for each of these actions - pretty awesome)
  • m2e and m2e-wtp are must-haves if you use maven to build JEE apps. I often install the build-helper connector too.
  • GrepConsole, which lets you use simple regexp to color your console, fancy !

Copy workspace settings

If you want to have multiple workspaces sharing the same preferences check out this article.

File encoding in UTF-8 please

First thing is to go to General > Workspace and select UTF-8 in “Text File Encoding” Second is General > Content Types > Text. Then you can either type “UTF-8” for everything or at least for “Java Properties file”


Et pour nos amis francophones, une superbe présentation sur la customisation d’eclipse !